06 May

API Request SMEs Textile Strengthen Domestic Market

Indonesian Textile Association (API) DIY asked for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in textile industry to strengthen the domestic market, in order to face the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2015. Chairman of the Indonesian Textile Association (API) DIY Iwan Susanto said that the textile SMEs now have to prepare for the domestic market, though still constrained by market access.

However, AEC 2015 importers will invade the Indonesian market. During this time, he continued, the SME market still relies on the export market of the buyer orders.  While the condition of the existing foreign markets are now beginning to decline drastically, due to the ongoing global crisis.

According to him, the need for guidance to SMEs in order to turn to the domestic market.  “The domestic market access needs to be pursued and strengthened. Moreover, the 2015 Indonesia must face the ASEAN Economic Community,” he said.

Iwan pointed SMEs should be prepared for an ASEAN free market. This moment should really be utilized to be able to capture a wider market. To that, he added the need for synergy textile industry and SMEs to strengthen the textile industry in Yogyakarta. “It is expected that SMEs in DIY can really take advantage of the existing domestic market. Do not let it attacked by the other ASEAN countries, he said.

Head of Industry, Trade Cooperative (Disperindagkop) DIY Riyadi Vali said Ida Bagus creative industries through DIY fashion so potential. Fashion fit in clothing and textile commodities. With the amount of textile products in Indonesia, potential for DIY to be the center of Indonesian fashion. Riyadi said that 60% of total creative industries in DIY, fashion industry accounts for 20% to 25%.

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