16 Oct

BKPM Optimistic in Textile and Footwear Sectors

The Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Chief Franky Sibarani has stated in Semarang, Central Java that a special desk has been launched to handle and maintain the positive trend in the textile and footwear sectors. With the help of this special desk, investment in these two business sectors is expected to increase.

He also added that investment should be balanced with the presence of investors who could optimally run their businesses. Investors who face a problem are now able to contact the special desk so that the government will be able to offer assistance and assure the investors that they would be helped and facilitated.

The BKPM chief visited Semarang to raise awareness regarding its Textile and Footwear Investment Special Desk (DKI-TS), which is one of the country’s labor-intensive industrial centers, as well as the main hub for textile investment. Central Java has overtaken West Java in dominating the textile investment by reaching Rp2.4 trillion in the first semester of 2015.

The DKI-TS has been jointly established by the office of the chief economic minister, the trade ministry, the industry ministry, the manpower ministry and the finance ministry. It is supported by the Indonesian Textile Business Association (API) and the Indonesian Shoe Factory Association (Aprisindo).
It is claimed to be an effort by the state to facilitate, maintain and help investors in the face of business difficulties including preventing layoffs.


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