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The government has a tourist visa system with three different categories:

I. Pay-for-Visa-On-arrival (VOA) system for citizens of 65 nations:
Source : Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Indonesia

1.  Algeria
2.  Argentina
3.  Australia
4.  Austria
5.  Bahrain
6.  Belgium
7.  Brazil
8.  Bulgaria
9.  Cambodia
10. Canada
11. Czech Republic
12. Cyprus
13. Denmark
14. Egypt
15. Estonia
16. Fiji
17. Finland
18. France
19. Germany
20. Greece
21. Hungary
22. Iceland
23. India
24. Iran
25. Ireland
26. Italy
27. Japan
28. Kuwait
29. Lativa
30. Laos31. Libya
32. Lichtenstein
33. Lithuania
34. Luxembourg
35. Maldives
36. Malta
37. Mexico
38. Monaco
39. The Netherlands
40. New Zealand
41. Norway
42. Oman
43. Panama
44. People’s Republic of China
45. Poland
46. Portugal
47. Qatar
48. Romania
49. Russia
50. Saudi Arabia
51. Slovakia
52. Slovenia
53. South Africa
54. South Korea
55. Spain
56. Suriname
57. Sweden
58. Switzerland
59. Taiwan
60. Timor Leste
61. Tunisia
62. Turkey
63. United Arab Emirates
64. United Kingdom
65. The United States

The cost of the 30-day (only) tourist visa is US$25/person for a 30-day visa and US$10/person for a 3-day visa. The fee must be paid in cash (no credit cards) on arrival at the airport. (All visa prices are subject to change)

II. Visa free facility is granted to the citizens of 11 countries whose governments extend visa free facility to Indonesian nationals would continue to enjoy short visa-free stays. Included in the 11 countries and administrative districts that are granted the 30-day vis-free facility are:

Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Hongkong Special Administrative Region, Macau Special Administrative Region, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Visitors with the visa-free facility will be able to proceed directly to the immigration clearance counter after deplaning. Passport mus be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of arrival. Onward or return tickets must be shown on arrival.

III. Citizens of other countries not on the visa on arrival or visa free lists will be required to apply for a visa overseas (in their home country) before entering Indonesia. Citizens of any country wishing to stay more than 30 days must also apply for an appropriate visa (cultural visit or business) at their nearest Indonesian Embassy of Consulate before traveling to Indonesia.

Tour agents are able to arrange express handling for groups at no additional charge by presenting the completed immigration cards, passports and applicable visa fee. Passengers who overstay their visa period for a short period of time can be processed immediately at the airport by paying $20 every day they overstayed their 30-day visa. Airlines that experienced technical difficulties or delayed flights can apply for their passengers to be exempted from paying any overstay penalties.

*Kindly refer to your nearest Indonesian embassy/Consulate General for more information.

To apply for a business visa, a Letter of Invitation is needed from the organizer. Please contact for more information. 

For airport transfers, or other transportation and accommodation bookings, please contact our official travel agent at