26 Jan

South Korean Investors Textile Build Factory US $ 14.5 Million in Wonogiri

Pan Pacific Group, investors from South Korea (ROK), just build a textile factory in Wonogiri, Central Java, which is managed by its subsidiary, PT Nesia Pan Pacific Clothing. The factory was inaugurated by the President of Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on January 22, 2016.

Why Pan Pacific Group set up factories in Wonogiri, not in other areas?

Pan Pacific Group CEO, Suk-Won Lim, said that from the beginning of the Pan Pacific Group was looking for a location in Central Java. Some cities explored, ranging from Salatiga, Semarang and Solo. But finally Wonogiri chosen because the atmosphere is comfortable and has a lot manpower.

In addition, many workers in factories belonging to the Group Pan Pacific which was derived from Wonogiri. The workers who came from Wonogiri will be sent back to his hometown to work in the factory of PT Nesia Pan Pacific Clothing.

“Actually, in our factories in Jakarta, many workers who came from Wonogiri. So after we opened a factory here, we would be mutating them from the factory in Jakarta to Wonogiri,” he said.

Suk-Won Lim said he was happy to invest in Indonesia because of a conducive business climate and the availability of labor in abundance. Since 1990 until now, the Pan Pacific Group already has six factories in Indonesia.

“Indeed, in 1990 we have opened a business in Indonesia. In 2007 we opened our business in Salatiga. Our experience business in Indonesia, Indonesia is rich enough manpower,” he said.

For information, PT Nesia Pan Pacific Clothing is a company of the Group 6th Pan Pacific, investors from South Korea, in Indonesia. This business group has hired 14,850 workers in Indonesia.

The total value of the investment has been realized Pan Pacific Group in Indonesia reached US $ 138 million and accounted for US $ 115 million per year to the national exports.

The factory PT Nesia Pan Pacific itself is planned to absorb 12,600 workers. PT Nesia investment value of US $ 14.5 million. Currently 2 of 7 mill PT Nesia who have awakened to absorb 1,000 workers.

The plant will produce 1.5 million garments with an export value of US $ 10.5 million per year. Clothing produced for brands including H & M and GAP. 70% of production is exported to the United States, the remaining 30% to the EU and other countries.



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