21 Feb

Textile Association: Budget Realization Expect Can Boost Growth

Chairman of the Textile Association (API) Ade Sudrajat said the Budget is promising to boost Indonesia’s economic growth fell to 4.7% the first half of 2015. Apart from funding rejuvenation machine to increase exports of the textile sector, he added, the government should accelerate the free trade agreement with Europe. In addition, the FTA with the United States.

“The government should really serious in realizing the state budget, not just a plan. The most important thing to do is speed up capital spending, especially in the ministry. This could create a better performance of the industrial sector, including the textile industry. The government could allocate funds to repair the broken machine or rejuvenation machine, “he said.

Attractive Mining Investment

In addition to increasing exports, Enny said efforts to strengthen the exchange rate needs to be done to attract capital inflow, in accordance with the provisions of applicable law. Oil and gas and mining sector is one that could enter the foreign investments in the amount of billions of dollars.


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