14 Feb

Textiles growth is estimated Rise 20 Percent

Based on the data in the Indonesian Textile Association (API) showed that textile industry in Indonesia in 2017 is predicted to be up about 20 percent. The increase was accompanied by the belief that customers are choosing high quality textile products made by children of the country.

Desy Natalia SE, General Manager Operations Textileone revealed it to reporters in Yogyakarta, on Monday (6/2).

” Textile Industry in Indonesia in 2017, according to the API is believed will continue to rise to 20 percent, ” he said.

Moreover, the economy in Central Java and Yogyakarta have tended to improve. In fact, according to data from Bank Indonesia Yogyakarta in 2017 economic growth in numbers ranging from 5 to 5.4 percent.

It is estimated that the potential spending increases with the need for a uniform policy of many companies to equip their employees with uniforms.

Erwin Kow, Managing Director Textileone said, Yogyakarta is one of the important cities in the expansion of business this year.

” The city has a concentration of the number of colleges and vocational schools most in the country, hundreds of thousands of students and students come from all over the country to attend school or college in Yogyakarta, ” he said.

Even the uniform requirements not only of corporate and private, but also from universities and others.

” So with carries the motto as a modern textile brand of innovative quality, we always put customer satisfaction at the forefront of marketing, ” he said.

Originality Products

” We also believe our customers in Jogja greatly appreciate the quality and originality of products in all product Textileone that have been certified ISO and through several stages of quality control from yarn to finished textile so there’s no doubt to use the product Textileone, ” Erwin added.

To strengthen its presence Textileone in Yogyakarta, the company is working with the seamstresses or tailors, player uniforms (uniform player), garment, and designer in Yogyakarta.

In addition to socialization, Textilone also provide education about Textileone products made in factories that have integrated technology, and generally with ISO certification.

This is certainly in line with the long-term goal Textiles Development Center Textileone be the best in Indonesia, with the support of team development and quality control consists of scholars of textiles and textile diploma in Indonesia.

To facilitate the consumers, the product Textileone divided into three groups, called Collection, namely Career Colection, Proffesional Collection and Premier Collection.

All products Textileone made with strict quality control process. In addition to working uniforms, Textileone also provides products for school uniforms.


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