06 May

Turnover Trader, Tanah Abang Soars 70%

A week before Lent Market traders in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta flooded with requests. On average, demand soared 50% -70% compared to normal days. High demand because most retailers from various regions in Indonesia have been hunting in Tanah Abang merchandise for sale ahead of Eid. Including direct consumers have started hunting clothing Lebaran.

Muslim clothing store owner, claimed sales rose by 70% into the early Fasting. “Now more crowded, increasing 50-70% especially Saturday and Sunday,” he said. He said, almost all the merchandise like koko, kopyah, and gloves sold. Especially the stuff sold at low prices. “This Crowded. Kopyah price is Rp 15 thousand to Rp 125 thousand. Holsters Rp 30 thousand to Rp 1.5 million a brand BHS, koko Rp 45 thousand to Rp 250 thousand,” he explained.

Other traders expressed the same thing. A mother admitted robe traders, sales rose by 50% ahead of the fasting month. Silk abaya braso of India today again sought. Abayas are priced at Rp 145 thousand this current trend again.

“Braso silk robe material from India at the most sought after. Retail Price Rp 145 thousand, if you buy a job lot of Rp 135 thousand. Again sell it. Moreover want fast, demand rose 50%,” he said.


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