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Eco Chic Upcycle challenges the creative minds of academia and fashion institutions to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

This innovative competition invites participants to reimagine discarded denim, a symbol of our fast-fashion casualties, into unique, avant-garde fashion pieces.

Our exclusive workshop series at the Lightbulb Event, Featuring a diverse array of programs tailored to the shoe industry.

In collaboration with the Indonesian Screen Printing Institute.

Live Screen Printing and CSR Class is to educate visitors who want to add insight or want to start a business in screen printing.

Dropbox is Indo Intertex and Pable’s way of reducing textile waste, where we help sort,
process and maximize it into renewable materials in the form of fiber.

For this reason, we only conduct the dropbox program at certain times, to ensure that every
garment and residue can be processed properly.

We receive all materials, except spandex, leather and nylon.